Welcome to PhotoMoment Group’s site! Presented here are all of our websites made by photographers for photographers. Share your photo moment at http://photomoment.bg, Dip into the tests we have done with cameras, photo equipment, printers, monitors, peripheries, antiviral software, etc. at http://dpvreview.bg, See our photo moment and the photo services we provide at http://photomig.bg, Read our magazine Digital Photo-Video® at http://dpv.bg.
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Our photographer’s site is for photography aficionados. Users can display their art, create portfolio, publish and receive comments, build a network, exchange information and ideas. Share your photo moment with us!


DPV Review

Our site for test results gives you opportunity to familiarize yourself with the distinctive features and performance of all photography equipment: cameras, lenses, printers, scanners, image manipulation programs, etc.



This site is a portfolio of the services we provide: photography, image manipulation and restoration, event planning for exhibitions and competitions, education and training, monitor calibration. Pictures could be purchased at our e-shop.


Digital Photo-Video

Our site Digital Photo-Video® is dedicated to the Bulgarian photography magazine of the same name. It is a source of detailed information about photo equipment and peripheries, publications on shooting process and techniques.